Sigma’s new release: 15mm F1.4 DG DN DIAGONAL FISHEYE | Art

The hardware makes all the difference! PRICE: $1999.00 Let’s talk about it :0) Unique Astrophotography Opportunities in 2024 | SIGMA Blog ( A review of this lens is forthcoming! The details look spectacular! Peace_SGB

using “withings body scan” is one of the most important choices you will ever make.

Year in and year out we all make a conscious choice of what we allow into our lives and what we choose to keep out. If I told you that the WITHINGS BODY SCAN would introduce you to a Cardiologist,…

XpreSole Blocks have a look of their own!

Legos! If you can’t beat them, join them! :0) The MEN’s XPRESOLE BLOCKS have done just that and the result is astonishing! These “Crocs meets Scuba diving socks” all-around use boots might get some funny looks as you unbox them.…

Spring is in the air or is that Barbeque?

“KONNECTED JOE DIGITAL CHARCOAL GRILL AND SMOKER” delivers perfection! The KONNECTED JOE CHARCOAL GRILL AND SMOKER is the quintessential “cheat code” when it comes to outdoor grilling! If you’ve never used a ceramic smoker/ grill with an ignition system and…

InVoxia’s Smart Dog Collar looks to help even the score with the Dogs’ arch nemesis, Cats!

That might be a slight reach for I’m pretty sure 1 out of 4 Dogs will still be chasing their tail at some point today! :0) Here is what the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar will do though: The collar lets owners…

It’s in the numbers!

Iconic songs about numbers! Have a great week _SGB

At times it’s easier to hear the light than to see it… :0)

Songs about color, life & lights… The Venue: Homepage – Red Rocks Amphitheatre ( Peace _SGB

TacticalXABS Stimulator shapes you up quickly. :0)

Technology at its best! So you want your Abs back before Christmas? TACTICALXABS STIMULATOR can get the mid-section done by that time, Then for Christmas maybe they’ll release the Tactical Glutemus Maximus! :0) Watch the video!  I used to do…

Believing can bring great wealth.

What our favorite artists believe in… As always, A big thanks to all who visit “The Zone.” I hope you enjoyed the first volume of “Believe”. There are tons more to come! Peace_SGB

“Believe a buddy” is building a better world through love.

Meet Winston! He’s part of the family now! Imagine raising a child who exhibits the love of a Teddy bear. A child who is there for family and friends. A child who is a great listener, cuddler, comforter, and protector…