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In a perfect world: “The five-day weekend!” :0);O):O);0)

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Tuesday afternoon, I’m just beginning to see

There’s a ton more Tuesday songs coming up! I know, I know! :0) Peace_SGB

monday morning you sure look fine…

The tip of the iceberg here. There’s tons more to come… There are so many great tunes about Monday and I’ll get to all of them, GOD willing :0) Peace_SGB

The Priority Wine Pass makes touring a pleasure!

The concierge service keeps you “in the loop” with the local scene. Stay informed! This is a must-pass for the wine connoisseurs of the world! The Priority Wine Pass gives you access to hundreds of wineries from the NAPA Valley…

Boyce is keeping the classics alive!

Some of us were just “gifted” at birth with “it”. Boyce is one of those blessed souls! Have a great weekend, Peace_SGB

Rising Appalachia are a love child of the hurricane “Katrina!”

They are on tour in 2023! “Cast yer bones- In the circle- Step to the left- Arms stretched- Toward constellations- Rain down- through the memories- Weaving the threads- Her tapestry held- The shape of a prophecy” :0) Fall is upon…

Lainey Wilson: Where are all of the country girls?

To hear and not see brings you some “Dolly Parton meets Jewel” Deja vu. Lainey has a great future ahead of her. I hope she stays as sweet and humble as she is today. She’s on tour, so guys, if…

Wow! The Teskey Brothers have that “old school” soul!

The ghosts of Otis, Percy, and The Allmans are engrained into these boys from the toe of the boot to the tip of the hat. Chills! The Aussies amaze me more and more every day! This was a fun…

breakfast in America: French toast is on the menu.

Who’s Hungry? “You Know You Got A Right To Say” Thinking of you Todd Deshan _SGB

Fleetwood Mac lives on – The Landslide Will Bring You Down.

Amazing covers of the most controversial group in the history of Rock & Roll. RIP Crissy The light may be fading on the remaining members of Fleetwood Mac but their music will forever be engrained in our lives! Peace_ SGB