love her – showing a little love for him also!

The “Love Her” Windbreaker series is a lightweight throw-over that fits, feels, and looks absolutely amazing. It has some nice features like thumbhole cuffs, zippered pockets and clinch strings for both the Hood and waist. The White Metalic Windbreaker will…

The Phoenix reusable wine purifier provides great wine every time.

Removes Histamines and Sulfites with every pour! The Phoenix Reusable Wine Purifier brings great flavor to your glass with every pour. It comes in a White, Noir, and Rose Gold finish and brings a touch of class to your outings.…

breakfast in America: French toast is on the menu.

Who’s Hungry? “You Know You Got A Right To Say” Thinking of you Todd Deshan _SGB

Step 2 is thinking out of the box!

Being the Grandfather of 10 with 5 of them under 4 years of age, I have been able to enjoy watching the little ones playing with the Step 2 products. The laughter of getting splashed and splashing moms and dads…

A lot of convenience in a little pack, side trak!

Take it with you to optimize production on the go. The Side Trak Swivel Portable Monitor is such a simple piece of equipment to set up! I use it mainly to track incoming emails and play music videos while I’m…

Motown Monday is getting a little “Smokey.” :0)

Songs written and performed by Smokey Robinson! Volume III Peace_SGB

Vinxplorer allows access to the vineyards anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Tyrion Lannister would have promised “FlyWithWine” a castle and many lands for this invention! The VinXplorer Wine and Beverage Backpack Bundled with the Vin2Go Case makes for a great companion during outdoor events, traveling or just chilling with friends at…

Cat 60V 800 cfm blower: “No more Huffin and Puffin” _ The big, bad, wolf

Has anyone seen the “3 little pigs” lately? The CAT 60V 800 CFM Variable Speed Blower is cram-packed with the quality we’ve come to expect from all CAT products. This blower is a well-balanced beast that possesses more power than…

Fleetwood Mac lives on – The Landslide Will Bring You Down.

Amazing covers of the most controversial group in the history of Rock & Roll. RIP Crissy The light may be fading on the remaining members of Fleetwood Mac but their music will forever be engrained in our lives! Peace_ SGB

Tuesday afternoon, I’m just beginning to see

There’s a ton more Tuesday songs coming up! I know, I know! :0) Peace_SGB