Cat 60V 800 cfm blower: “No more Huffin and Puffin” _ The big, bad, wolf

Has anyone seen the “3 little pigs” lately? The CAT 60V 800 CFM Variable Speed Blower is cram-packed with the quality we’ve come to expect from all CAT products. This blower is a well-balanced beast that possesses more power than…

Theraice: Fire and ice wrapped up in one… :0)

From Migraines to twisted ankles, TheraICE has you covered. It took a bit but the reviews are in from the “land of the mini fridges” ETBU football. The TheraICE HOT & COLD THERAPY SLEEVES seem to have passed with flying…

At times it’s easier to hear the light than to see it… :0)

Songs about color, life & lights… The Venue: Homepage – Red Rocks Amphitheatre ( Peace _SGB

The “Hodge twins”-two funny Brothers born one after another.

Keith and Kevin ain’t right! Hodgetwins – Patriotic Apparel, Giveaways, Hoodies, T-Shirts, Hats — officialhodgetwins These guys should be doing the 6 o’clock News! I trust them more than any other analytical news source! Peace_ SGB

Katana Se brings the screens to life!

The company that dominated our cpu sound for decades is at it again! The KATANA SE is unmatched! SoundBlaster KATANA SE is the best Soundbar, for its price range, to come to market in 2023. The truth is, the competition…

po’up! It’s in the cards :0)

After a few months of trying like hell to get a few of my past acquaintances, like parents of the kids I coached and fellow coaches themselves to play PO’UP!, I came to this realization. I don’t know any HBCU…

New Music: Jamie Bower’s music is in line with Bowie

On October 20th Jamie will be releasing “Heaven In Your Eyes.” Peace_SGB

Music Monday in a different way. Can you say MCA..:0)

I’ll be rotating MCA Mondays and Motown Mondays from here out. You can see why, right? :0) Have a great Monday! Peace_SGB

A day in the life of praise

Before the sun wakes to the darkness of night we should always give thanks. Let us all have a blessed upcoming week! Peace_SGB

welcome to the wanderfull world of hydrobags…

The Wanderfull HydroBag is a water bottle carrier that is lightweight, stylish, and convenient. It’s a great substitute for taking a purse or wallet to events such as concerts, festivals, parades, and going to see your favorite sports teams perform.…