Music, Fire, and Sirens culminate in a battle for Heaven? :0)

Whew, This playlist is low-did! Until Tomorrow, Peace_SGB

Believing can bring great wealth.

What our favorite artists believe in… As always, A big thanks to all who visit “The Zone.” I hope you enjoyed the first volume of “Believe”. There are tons more to come! Peace_SGB

Dumb King Come: A look at an online rap battle in reverse…

How to stop a feud in its tracks! Play the bagpipes, it’s over :0) Ren kills him with love! You know we all can do better, more to make this place a better world! Don’t buy in to the hype,…

part 3 of Ren: The Ice-cold truth.

A Journey that started the day Joe Vanished. I am going to let Ren tell this story for it is his to tell. The things we go through in life can make us or break us. It’s so important that…

A cause way beyond reason, can still be a reasonable cause!

Not all is as it seems.. Our first dive into the depths of REN.

REN: Through helping others he expands the horizons!

His Longevity will determine his place in “The House of Lore” but his 2023 performances have him soaring high above the pigeons that pollute the airwaves.