At times it’s easier to hear the light than to see it… :0)

Songs about color, life & lights… The Venue: Homepage – Red Rocks Amphitheatre ( Peace _SGB

Believing can bring great wealth.

What our favorite artists believe in… As always, A big thanks to all who visit “The Zone.” I hope you enjoyed the first volume of “Believe”. There are tons more to come! Peace_SGB

The Priority Wine Pass makes touring a pleasure!

The concierge service keeps you “in the loop” with the local scene. Stay informed! This is a must-pass for the wine connoisseurs of the world! The Priority Wine Pass gives you access to hundreds of wineries from the NAPA Valley…

Make “communicating” a breeze with sena r2 evo bicycle helmet :0)

This is the best helmet on the market, bar none! The Sena R2 Evo is a “state-of-the-art” helmet that is both lightweight and very comfortable. It’s easy to adjust and the mesh communication system is spot on! Robert and I…

Motown Monday is getting a little “Smokey.” :0)

Songs written and performed by Smokey Robinson! Volume III Peace_SGB

Vinxplorer allows access to the vineyards anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

Tyrion Lannister would have promised “FlyWithWine” a castle and many lands for this invention! The VinXplorer Wine and Beverage Backpack Bundled with the Vin2Go Case makes for a great companion during outdoor events, traveling or just chilling with friends at…

Rising Appalachia are a love child of the hurricane “Katrina!”

They are on tour in 2023! “Cast yer bones- In the circle- Step to the left- Arms stretched- Toward constellations- Rain down- through the memories- Weaving the threads- Her tapestry held- The shape of a prophecy” :0) Fall is upon…

It’s weird how songs about the blues soothe :0)

I’ll be Jammin to this list often :0) ;o) :o) Tickets for Blackberry Smoke: Be Right Here Tour | TicketWeb – The Hall in Little Rock, US It’s been fun :0) Peace _SGB

Pepper Pong is liable to break out anywhere!

If you’re like most people, you love having things to do when the get-togethers happen. Pepper Pong is playable anywhere! From Tailgate parties to Rodeo Tents to a lodge table at a ski resort, this game is a “must-have” for…

Katana Se brings the screens to life!

The company that dominated our cpu sound for decades is at it again! The KATANA SE is unmatched! SoundBlaster KATANA SE is the best Soundbar, for its price range, to come to market in 2023. The truth is, the competition…