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It’s weird how songs about the blues soothe :0)

I’ll be Jammin to this list often :0) ;o) :o) Tickets for Blackberry Smoke: Be Right Here Tour | TicketWeb – The Hall in Little Rock, US It’s been fun :0) Peace _SGB

Brad Stine: A little rough around the edges comedy.

He’s a funny man who’s keeping it clean! Have a great Martin Luther King Day! Peace _SGB

Can you feel it? For one night only! A tribute to Jimi…

Incredible covers of the Legend with Jimi closing the show… Peace_SGB

burn bridges, don’t burn bridges, it’s all so confusing!

Back in 1933, Construction started for the Golden Gate Bridge. Peace _SGB

It’s good to be the king! :0)

On this day in 1923 King Tut’s Tomb was completely uncovered… Peace _SGB

Christmas Day is more powerful than we could ever imagine…

From Christopher Columbus Flagship Santa Maria running aground near Haiti to the fall of the Soviet Union as Gorbachev stepped down, Christmas Day has often been celebrated through the enormous events that shared it. George Washington crossed the Deleware on…

Classics: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas :0)

From Bing to Linda, listen in… Peace _SGB

Johnnyswim: Pass me a pint it’s Christmas! Freaking awesome!

You’d swear they’re from Ireland! Haha! JOHNNYSWIM Peace_SGB