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It’s about time we get to celebrate “Us!” :0)

“We’re taking what they’re giving because we’re working for a living”_ Huey Lewis

Heaven ain’t getting anything done now!

It’s heaven’s turn to party… much love for all the Parrotheads _ SGB

usa today – welcome to the land of confusion.

There’s power in numbers -“Hands Across America” It’s ok to have questions. It’s not ok to lose faith. Keep the faith! We just want the life promised by our fathers. Peace_ SGB

Welcome to a few artists from 1978-1987. What a fantastic era of music! :0)

The Playlist: The Romantics, Warren Zevon, Maze, Police, Journey, The Gap Band, and several more! Everyone have a great weekend! Peace_SGB

We the kingdom: A little Bluegrass, Rock & Gospel infusion!

Sometimes all we can do is wait. We might as well Jam out while we do! We The Kingdom Official Online Store – We The Kingdom Official Store There are many groups who have chosen a similar path. A movement…

Daryl Hall stole Cheap Tricks telecaster and they came to collect!

Live at Daryl’s House is a great place to hone your cooking skills :0) At times, I’m not quite sure if I’m watching a concert, a cooking show, or a Rockumentary when I tune in to “Live at Daryl’s House.”…

Can you feel it? For one night only! A tribute to Jimi…

Incredible covers of the Legend with Jimi closing the show… Peace_SGB

I want to love you until it’s devestating!

Johnnyswim are the most uplifting, fun-loving performers you will ever see! Great vibes!

Let’s have some fun today! Animal House featuring Otis Day and the Knights. :0) Meet the Delta's I don't know much about history but I do know Bluto assembles the greatest Lunch Tray in the history of cafeterias! The Director made a great call using Otis & The Boys over the…
Have a great weekend!

Every once in a while a song deserves the spotlight… This is one of those times.