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EZQuest gets you charged up fast!

UltimatePower 65W GaN USB-C PD Wall Charger is Small Yet Powerful! This little 65W wall charger has been keeping up with my cell phone, a Jordi Light, and a Sway Hydro Go Bluetooth speaker, for the last month, nonstop. It’s…

Kuhn Rikon 6-piece set – The wave of the future.

Being that I don’t speak Frequenz Deutsch and probably can’t write it too well either, this review will be based on “live-action” over these past 3 weeks that encompasses the areas from the stove to the fridge! :0) The Product:…

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

Official Website | Phil Wickham I hope everyone had a great weekend! _SGB

Quality and versatility best describe the Smithey Dutch Ovens.

The Smithey 7.25 QT Dutch Oven is a beauty! This is the largest of the Smithey Dutch Ovens! It has the capability of roasting a large chicken or Pheasant and is the perfect size for cooking family-sized stews, soups, and…

Spring Break in a “Margaritaville” state of mind.

Jams for the time at hand Home | Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe | Houston ( Peace_SGB

Elevate your comfort with the x-chair footrest. $42

Songs, Groups, and Artists that are “Foot” inclusive. :0) Shop X-Chair Office Chairs and Accessories | X-Chair Official Site ( Have a great Spring Break! _SGB

Outlier Free Pro: Conduction, duction what’s your function? :0)

Using Cheekbones to create an outstanding acoustical sound! Creative Labs has quietly been at it for years in bringing us state-of-the-art technology for our listening pleasure. The Outlier Free Pro is in line with what we’ve come to expect from…

Step 2 is thinking out of the box!

Being the Grandfather of 10 with 5 of them under 4 years of age, I have been able to enjoy watching the little ones playing with the Step 2 products. The laughter of getting splashed and splashing moms and dads…

A lot of convenience in a little pack, side trak!

Take it with you to optimize production on the go. The Side Trak Swivel Portable Monitor is such a simple piece of equipment to set up! I use it mainly to track incoming emails and play music videos while I’m…

Kepler’s song list is out of this world! :0)

On this day in 2009 the Kepler Space Telescope Launched. Peace _SGB