It’s 3 a.m. – songs that are wonderful.

Saturday morning is now upon us. Rest and play or work all day, just know that no matter what you’re all wonderful! _SGB

Country is getting a little Ruff nowadays.

I love to see that the men of Country music are on the rise again. Kelly and Carrie have been carrying the torch for far too long. Have I told you all lately, Thank you. Thank you! It’s great being…

riotpwr brings us new technology with an old gamer feel.

This controller puts you “in the game”_SGB The RIOTPWR RP1950 is the “future” ” of Cloud Gaming. Everything you’d want in a controller was thought of when RIOT was at the drawing board with this one. The iPhone controller is compatible…

To the men in this world: Make a difference!

“When the wealthiest man in the world looked back on his life. All he saw were the faces of the thousands he showed love.” _DBD Fellas, we have eyes upon us. Hold yourselves to a higher standard for we all…

Getting Down with a little Motown sound :0)

Motown Monday’s just sound good to me! There’s 1000’s of choices so I’ll enjoy combing through them over the years :0) Peace _SGB

In a perfect world: “The five-day weekend!” :0);O):O);0)

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Boyce is keeping the classics alive!

Some of us were just “gifted” at birth with “it”. Boyce is one of those blessed souls! Have a great weekend, Peace_SGB

Lainey Wilson: Where are all of the country girls?

To hear and not see brings you some “Dolly Parton meets Jewel” Deja vu. Lainey has a great future ahead of her. I hope she stays as sweet and humble as she is today. She’s on tour, so guys, if…

breakfast in America: French toast is on the menu.

Who’s Hungry? “You Know You Got A Right To Say” Thinking of you Todd Deshan _SGB

It’s about time we get to celebrate “Us!” :0)

“We’re taking what they’re giving because we’re working for a living”_ Huey Lewis