Boyce is keeping the classics alive!

Some of us were just “gifted” at birth with “it”. Boyce is one of those blessed souls! Have a great weekend, Peace_SGB

Rising Appalachia are a love child of the hurricane “Katrina!”

They are on tour in 2023! “Cast yer bones- In the circle- Step to the left- Arms stretched- Toward constellations- Rain down- through the memories- Weaving the threads- Her tapestry held- The shape of a prophecy” :0) Fall is upon…

Fleetwood Mac lives on – The Landslide Will Bring You Down.

Amazing covers of the most controversial group in the history of Rock & Roll. RIP Crissy The light may be fading on the remaining members of Fleetwood Mac but their music will forever be engrained in our lives! Peace_ SGB

usa today – welcome to the land of confusion.

There’s power in numbers -“Hands Across America” It’s ok to have questions. It’s not ok to lose faith. Keep the faith! We just want the life promised by our fathers. Peace_ SGB

EZQuest gets you charged up fast!

UltimatePower 65W GaN USB-C PD Wall Charger is Small Yet Powerful! This little 65W wall charger has been keeping up with my cell phone, a Jordi Light, and a Sway Hydro Go Bluetooth speaker, for the last month, nonstop. It’s…